Breville TECHnique Steam Iron Review

Highly advanced and hassle-free ironing can be expected from Breville TECHnique steam iron. It has advanced and high-tech features. It is available in different versions including VIN213 steam iron with a 2400-watt power, VIN275 steam iron with a 2700-watt power and VIN258 with 2750-watt power. The mentioned wattages are enough for the steam irons to deliver a truly powerful performance.

Most of the models in the Breville TECHnique steam iron category come with titanium soleplate which also features a diamond shape. This shape promotes convenience in terms of use. The focus of these home appliances is to offer an aid to those who find ironing an extremely tiresome and burdensome task.

The innovative diamond shape of the iron, for instance, gives a pointed edge at the top and the bottom of the appliance, which eases any resistance that users might encounter when moving it backwards. This also supports effortless motion especially when moving it into hard to reach areas including in-between buttons and pockets.

The extra boost added into this iron also ensures users that they will receive guidance in removing stubborn and hard to remove creases. It also has a vertical steam function which increases the versatility and functionality of the appliance.

Other Essential Highlights and Features of the Product

  • Anti-scale and anti-drip function
  • Safety automatic shutoff feature which shuts off the appliance after a set time of inactivity, usually around ten minutes (upright position) or 30 seconds (horizontal)
  • Self-clean feature
  • Large water tank to store great amount of water
  • Extra boost which is ideal for the removal of stubborn creases
  • Vertical steam which ensures that no matter how unwieldy, delicate or difficult the clothing item you need to iron, you will still be able to handle the ironing process with ease

One problem about this iron is that it tends to constantly bleep even if the tank is already full. Still, many users say that this is just a minor issue compared to the many benefits and great features that they can enjoy from the iron.


Breville TECHnique Digital Steam Iron Review

Breville TECHnique digital steam iron can make the ironing process less of a tiresome and burdensome chore with its digital yet simple controls and high performance. Its 3000-watt power is top of the line. In fact, this is considered to be a steam iron with the highest wattage in UK. This makes it capable of delivering a highly impressive steam power.

Added to the impressive power and performance of Breville TECHnique digital steam iron is its durable soleplate coated and made of ceramic. This further enhances the ability of the iron to give a smooth glide to crumpled and creased clothes. This means that you no longer need to excessively sweat out to finish up the task. The nano-ceramic coat and material used in the soleplate also supports even heat distribution all throughout the soleplate. This works in maintaining your chosen temperature and preventing unwanted spots that are usually damaging to clothes.

Note that Breville TECHnique digital steam iron also has different versions, one of which is the VIN276 capable of producing 60-gram constant steam and 120-gram steam shot. Another version is the VIN274 which delivers 45-gram constant steam and 100-gram steam shot. Both these versions support comfort and ease when performing the ironing task.

Other Noticeable Features and Highlights of the Product

  • Stylish and eye-catching digital display
  • Handle-mounted controls
  • Anti-scale function capable of lessening the risk of getting accumulated limescale
  • Anti-drip which prevents unwanted drips even when using the iron at a low temperature
  • Self-clean which eliminates impurities from water
  • A water tank with more than enough capacity so users can store sufficient amount of water without the need for constant refilling

However, there are downsides to the iron based on the reviews given by some users. One user complain that its auto-off function is broken, so it tends to beep continuously until he turned it to a stop. Still, after the problem was corrected, the iron was up and functioning perfectly again. Other than that minor downside, all its other features are already enjoyed by most users, making it a safe and wise buy.

Breville Power Steam Iron Review

One of the most basic principles when it comes to ironing is that the more steam present in a steam iron, the better. In other words, it is better to look for an iron with higher steam ratings so users can make the most out of it. This is actually what the Breville power steam iron promises. Note that it has a high steam rating which shows its ease, effectiveness and efficiency when using it. It also ensures users that it can work fast, thereby allowing them to do other exciting this with their saved time.

One of the many versions of Breville power steam iron is the VIN178 model. It delivers a 40-gram constant steam, which is also otherwise called steam per minute. This refers to the amount of steam that the iron generates when used normally. This specific power steam iron model from Breville also delivers a 100-gram steam shot which is ideal for the removal of the most stubborn creases.

Another popular version of Breville power steam iron is the VIN208 model. This has a 2400-watt power, a soleplate made of stainless steel, vertical steam, 90-gram steam shot and 40-gram constant steam. A water tank with 250-ml capacity is also part of this steam iron from Breville.

Other Vital Product Features

  • Anti-scale function which reduces the risk of getting lime scale buildup in both the soleplate and iron
  • Anti-drip function which supports ironing using a low temperature so unwanted drips that come from the iron’s soleplate that might cause ugly marks in clothes are prevented
  • Self-clean feature which works in flushing out water impurities using the holes found in the soleplate
  • Auto shutoff or safety feature which works by switching the iron off automatically after it becomes inactive for a set period

Despite its benefits and good features, Breville power steam iron still receives minor complaints from users. There are users who find it difficult to use the iron’s controls. Still, the number of satisfied users is increasing so it is safe to assume that it is a sound investment.



Breville Power Steam Digital Iron Review

The process of ironing piles of toughly crumpled and creased clothing and fabrics is now made easier with the Breville power steam digital iron. This Breville iron is available in different versions. There is the Breville VIN311 digital steam iron which is capable of delivering a 95-gram steam shot, 35-gram constant steam and 2400-watt power. All these features and capabilities combined maximize the ability of the iron to work on even the toughest creases.

The Breville VIN292 iron is also another variation of the Breville power steam digital iron. It also features a 2400-watt power, but its constant steam and steam shot capacity are different from the VIN311. VIN292 has a 40-gram constant steam, a vertical steam and 100-gram steam shot. It also takes pride of its water tank with 250-ml capacity and digital controls featuring four settings for temperature.

Another variation of Breville power steam digital iron is the VIN210. This model has a 2400-watt power, a large soleplate based on ceramic which improves the iron’s glideability and an excellent 100-gram steam shot, 40-gram constant steam and vertical steam. There are still more variations of the power steam digital iron from Breville and it is up to you to choose which one is suitable for your needs and have all the features that you wish to use.

Product Features

  • Durable and scratch-resistant ceramic-based soleplate which can distribute heat evenly
  • Vertical steam which allows the ironing of hanging curtains and garments with ease
  • Anti-drip system which offers protection against leaks and unwanted marks
  • Anti-scale feature which has a self-cleaning function
  • Digital controls that are easy to use with various temperature settings
  • Cord with a length that support ease in maneuverability and reach
  • Auto shutoff which guarantees the safety of users

The features integrated into this Breville digital steam iron are enough to make the users enjoy their experience when ironing, instead of dreading the chore. Still, reading reviews is a must if you want to find out if this iron is right for your needs.

Breville Power Steam Advanced Iron Review

Breville Power Steam Advanced Iron Review

Breville power steam advanced iron is one of the most sought after ironing appliance in the market at present because it comes with a lot of smart and clever features that make ironing more enjoyable and hassle-free, instead of being a dreadful and exhausting chore. With its 2400-watt power, 95-gram steam shot, and 40-gram per minute continuous steam output, users will be able to effortlessly use it to glide through tough and hard to remove creases.

A durable and reliable soleplate made of stainless steel is also featured in it. It has a vertical steam ability which makes it possible for you to easily iron hanging garments including curtain. A 2-meter cord or cable is also part of it, making it possible for you to use, move and store it with ease. Among the many things that users immediately noticed about this advanced steam iron from Breville are its simple controls.

The appliance does not feature a digital display, nor dozens of various pre-set heats, thereby simplifying the process of using it. To adjust temperature or heat settings, you just need to work on the simple dial. This dial has two buttons: the first one is used for the steam shot while the other one is to set for water spray. Because it does not come with lots of buttons, using it will surely be a breeze.

Other Remarkable Product Features

  • Illuminating handle which indicates the perfect time to use it
  • Soft grip handle which allows users to hold it with comfort
  • Ceramic soleplate with tourmaline coat which promotes a smooth gliding process into clothes
  • Anti-scale system which is an ideal feature for self-cleaning
  • Anti-drip system which offers protection against drips
  • Long cord which adds convenience
  • Generous water tank which prevents the need for constant refilling

All these features, as well as the ability of Breville power steam advanced iron to deliver an impressive and smooth finish and excellent glideability, are just few of the many reasons why many users are satisfied with it.


Breville ECO-TEC Iron with Filling Dock Review


Breville ECO-TEC iron which features a filling dock is just one of the few irons in the market that continue to grab the public’s attention. An independent water filling dock with 1.4-liter capacity forms part of it. This feature is beneficial because it works in automatically refilling the iron even when its position is currently on rest. This ensures a more convenient ironing process.

A premium soleplate with nano-ceramic finish can also be expected from this Breville iron. It delivers a power of 2800 watts. This is powerful enough to lessen the burden involved in ironing piles of clothing. This also guarantees finishing up the task with efficiency and speed. The nano-ceramic finish used in the soleplate also ensures users that they can smoothly glide it into piles of crumpled and creased clothing. This makes the task less tiresome and burdensome.

The ceramic soleplate also ensures the even distribution of heat. It is even helpful in ensuring that your chosen temperature is maintained. It also protects your clothes from damages that might be caused by unwanted hot spots. The soleplate of this iron is one of its best features because it promotes effortless and easy gliding without snagging. This also guarantees longer life because it protects the plate from surface damage and scratching.

Product Features

  • 4-liter filling dock which is effective in automatically filling the appliance even during its resting period
  • Eco-switch which is useful in delivering steam only when the iron is used
  • Soleplate with a diamond shape and nano-ceramic finish which promotes improved glideability
  • 7 fabric settings featured in the iron’s digital controls and display
  • Vertical steam
  • 110-gram steam shot
  • 50-gram constant steam

The extra steam boost provided by the iron also aids in eliminating stubborn creases in your clothing that seem to be extremely difficult to remove. However, there are also complaints in this iron from Breville. Some users complain that about its auto shutoff feature that tends to continue beeping even when they are still ironing. This requires them to constantly switch the feature on and off. Despite this minor drawback, many users still recommend Breville ECO-TEC Iron with Filling Dock because of its great features.


Breville ECO-TEC Digital Steam Iron Review


Breville’s ECO-TEC digital steam iron can be described as a steam iron with a powerful performance. Its most popular model has a 2800-watt power which works in reducing the amount of time needed to heat the iron up. It also promotes maximum glideability with its premium soleplate, boasting of a nano-ceramic finish.

Digital controls that are very easy to use also form part of this steam iron. These controls are helpful in your attempt to get enough power for your ironing task. A 50-gram constant steam also comes standard in this digital steam iron from Breville. One thing that users enjoy about Breville’s ECO-TEC digital steam iron is that its soleplate evenly distributes heat while also effortlessly gliding on crumpled and creased clothes. This delivers smooth and crease-free clothes.

The fact that the soleplate is coated with nano-ceramic is also an advantage because it promotes durability. The nano-ceramic finish also protects it from surface damages and scratching. This ensures that you will enjoy using this iron for a long time. With its high power, constant steam and reliable steam boost, you can expect it to help in removing even the most stubborn clothing creases. You can also use it vertically, with its vertical steam feature, which can add to your convenience.

More Product Features

  • Anti-scale feature which you can use to prevent limescale buildup while also ensuring excellent performance from the soleplate
  • Anti-drip function which allows ironing at low temperatures
  • Self-clean feature which uses holes found in the soleplate to remove impurities in water
  • Water tank with 1.4-liter capacity which supports storing a substantial amount of water
  • Temperature indicator
  • Auto-shutoff feature

Note, however, that there are some users who have problems understanding how to make this iron function in the beginning. Still, rest assured that as soon as you grasp how it works and how to take full advantage of its features and controls, you will be able to enjoy using it.

Breville Easy Glide Steam Iron Review

Breville is one of the most recommended brands for those who plan to purchase steam irons and other household appliances. The reason behind this is that the brand has already established a good name in the industry. If you are contemplating of buying Breville Easy Glide steam iron, then know that you have various options.

One of these is the Breville VIN243 Easy Glide steam iron model. Boasting of a 2,000-watt power, this steam iron will surely deliver your required heat and pressure. This specific model also features a soleplate constructed using stainless steel, a 30-gram constant steam, vertical steam and an 80-gram steam shot.

You can also choose the VIN143 Easy Glide steam iron. It has 1800-watt power and delivers a smooth glide with its stainless steel soleplate. The steaming features highlighted in this particular model are 70-gram steam shot, vertical steam and 30-gram constant steam. The Breville VIN304 model is also a great choice. This model features a 2200-watt power, 250-ml capacity and stainless steel soleplate.

The soleplate made of stainless steel ensures that users will be able to smoothly cut through the creases of their clothing. Ironing is also easy and quick with the iron’s variable steam levels and powerful steam shots. The fact that the irons have a water tank with a larger capacity is also an advantage because this significantly reduces the number of times that you need to fill it.

Other Notable Features

Most Breville steam iron models categorized under Easy Glide also boast of the following unique features:

  • High water tank capacity
  • Anti-scale which is effective in preventing the accumulation of limescale
  • Anti-drip feature which aims to reduce or prevent unwanted marks
  • Easy to reach and maneuver cord
  • Self-clean feature which is helpful in preserving the appliance’s life
  • Leak protection
  • Variable steam control
  • Indicator light

But there are also downsides to this steam iron from Breville. One of these is its quite rigid cord. Some users also say that they have problems with the water that tends to splash out of the iron’s filling hole. Still the affordable price and unique features installed in this Breville steam iron are enough reasons to invest in one